Coming from a Lebanese background there was always a big gathering of friends, family and food!

We would get together and spend hours in the kitchen preparing a buffet of mouth watering Lebanese food, mezza platters, pastries, dips, salads & sweets.

Sadly these gatherings eventually became a thing of the past, so I made it my mission to prove that vegan middle eastern food did not end with falafel and hummus!

Lucky for me, my mother was an amazing cook, from the age of 18yrs, I would spend hours by her side listening, watching and learning…. and of course washing heaps of dishes! She never used any measuring tools, nor did she ever use a book, yet everything would always result with the perfect balance of flavours. She would tell me to taste with my nose and measure with my eyes…. which at the time I thought was impossible.

Now decades later, like mum, I have memorised all her cooking styles & recipes, through many hours of research, trial and error I have learnt to substitute specific ingredients within each individual recipe creating authentic Lebanese flavours that are 100% Vegan and so satisfying with no sacrifice to flavour, no sacrifice to texture and definitely no lack of options!

We are a small Vegan family owned business, a lot of consideration and love goes into everything we do. We aim to continue increasing our variety of plant based meats until we have veganised every middle eastern dish known to man.

Live and let live #govegan and always ensure #itsveganhabibi